I couldn't be happier with every aspect of our order with you and your company. You were a delight to talk to and--most importantly--a man of your word. Our order arrived exactly as you said and your spandex and design is far more superior than what I have seen here in South Florida. YOU WERE SO RIGHT!! Thank you for such a pleasant experience and great product. I will share everything proudly with our clients. I look forward to expanding our stock of spandex. - Kathy

I received an inquiry regarding your spandex chair covers and gave you a glowing reference...- Michael

Rich, they are fabulous! I got the cover and immediately put it on a chair. I have educated the girls here in the sales department on your services and the next event that we have spandex the order is yours. The quality of the cover is unbelievable. Your quality can't hold a candle to the other vendors. You are truly the best! - As always, Lynn

Thanks so much Diane - you guys really came through for me. We are partners now from this point forward!!! - M.B.

I received the yellow spandex covers today. They look great! - Matt

With only two more sessions to go, we have been overwhelmed by the positive response regarding the spandex chair covers! - Diana O.


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